Jake Rhinehart


Jake Rhinehart

We all have a story. The best place to begin the story of my path to graphic design is on a monster of a hill, with a plastic big-wheel, a handful of borrowed hay bales, and the smell of melting shoe rubber.
But that’s my story. Let’s tell yours.

Dayton OH


with my feet in the Heartland and my heart in the Mountains.
I am (quite literally) a dirt-under-your-fingernails doer;
One that appreciates a holistic approach.
I’m an inspiration hunter, seeking out ideas in the junk shops of the world;
A creative mixologist—serving made-to-order, target-minded design cocktails.
I am a habitual learner.
I’m a question-asking, user-focused concepter.
A critique-seeking, detail-oriented builder.
I work in an industry made of people interacting with people.
An industry that is vastly varied and tremendously collaborative.
One that tells stories that engage, that delight, that create value.
This is my story. Let’s tell yours.